Three Vaccinated Texas Democrat ‘Fugitives’ Test Positive for Covid-19 After Flying Maskless to D.C.

Three Texas House Democrats have reportedly tested positive for Covid-19 after leaving the state to avoid the passage of an election integrity bill in the Texas House.

“Just in: 3 Texas House Democrats in D.C. have tested positive for COVID-19, @TexasHDC announces. All 3 are fully vaccinated.”

Although all three of the Texas House Democrats are fully vaccinated against Covid-19, they did still contract the virus. Some would credit this to them flying maskless on a private plane to D.C. in order to stop a vote on legislation.

Some took to Twitter to remind them of the gloating the Texas Democrats did on Twitter after successfully stopping the vote.

U.S. House Rep Lauren Boebert weighed in on the situation and said, “Looks like they now will all need to be in quarantine. Hope that virtue signaling was worth it, guys! As usual – massive fail!”

In a follow-up tweet, Boebert declared, “The Texas Democrats shall now be known as the #FugitiveSuperspreaders!” She urged her followers to “get it trending!”

As we previously reported:

The Texas House and Texas Republicans have voted to send law enforcement after Democrat Reps who are playing hooky from their post upon their return.

Dem Rep Gene Wu is documenting his trip with many photos and videos on his Twitter account. He and others seem to think this is a joke.

“My fist meal as a fugitive. Delicious.” he said, with a picture of a Coke Zero and what appears to be a Ceasar salad. He went on to deflect and project and appears to admitting to a crime:”

Some would say that it should come as no surprise that they got Covid-19 as they were maskless on a plane. When traveling on airlines it is required to wear masks on the plane.

We will have to see when the Texas House Democrats decide to return to work but it seems, either way, this legislation will pass. They may be able to prolong the bill from passing, but eventually, they will have to return one way or another.

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