Tom Fitton Celebrates ‘Victory’ of Judges Ruling to have Affidavit Released with Redactions

Today, the judge who signed off on the search warrant to search former President Donald Trump’s home, ordered the DOJ to file a copy of the warrant affidavit with redactions, by August 25th. The judge also wants justifications for the redacted information in the affidavit.

Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch shared the order on Twitter:

“NEW: Court orders Biden DOJ to file copy of warrant affidavit and justifications for any redactions by Aug 25 in response to @JudicialWatch and media request to unseal information about Biden’s political raid on Trump’s home.”

Fitton then took a “victory lap” as well sharing:

“Nice victory for @JudicialWatch: Court rejects outright Biden DOJ position to keep fully sealed the affidavit it used to justify the shady raid on Trump’s home. At least some information, court says, will be ordered released.”

While we wait for the affidavit, which could be heavily redacted, this piece of news is a small win. While the DOJ may not share much with a redacted affidavit, the judge knows that the public is demanding answers.

The judge’s personal information was apparently scrubbed from government websites following the reaction to the raid on Trump’s Florida home, Mar-A-Lago. To some centrists, it may seem that the Epstein-linked judge may have slightly redeemed himself in the public eye with the order issued today.

A week and a half ago on Monday, August 8th the FBI, with a search warrant in hand, raided the former president’s home. This seemed to go against the normal procedure of how the FBI and DOJ have handled other former presidents’ taking of documents after they left the White House.

The Clintons, for example, removed a large amount of furniture when they departed the White House and their home was never raided to get back the items, instead, some deal was worked out.

Thursday, Attorney General Merrick Garland, under immense public pressure, held a press conference to take responsibility for the raid on the former president’s home. Garland after his brief speech did not take any questions and really other than taking blame didn’t give any resolutions to why Trump’s Florida home was raided.

Many in the media have been questioning if Joe Biden’s administration has weaponized the DOJ. The raid came in the same week as the passage of a bill that would increase the number of IRS agents by 87,000 over a decade. An alarming number of the American public has been told, just to target those who make over $400,000, but time will tell.

With these moves as well as the fact that the DOJ has targeted concerned and involved parents, it may make some in the middle class that they have a proverbial target on their back.