Trump Decries Plane full of Afghans U.S. Government Sent to Qatar, While Americans Still in Afghanistan

Former President Donald Trump released a statement Wednesday going after Joe Biden as a picture of a full plane of Afghans heading to Qatar was taken.

“NEW! “This plane should have been full of Americans. America First!” – President Donald J. Trump”

Over 600 Afghans were crowded onto a U.S. Airforce C-17 to evacuate them from Kabul following the Taliban’s swift takeover of Afghanistan. Meanwhile, many Americans are still stuck in the region with no U.S. assistance.

It appears that Biden seems to be more concerned with Afghan refugees than he does about stranded Americans in Afghanistan. Due to Biden’s un-strategic withdrawal that was not the same as Trump’s withdrawal plan, the Taliban were easily able to conquer the rest of the country, some may argue.

The two politicians’ foreign policies have been put on display as the former president wants it to always be “America First” while Biden appears to be putting refugees first. Due to his incompetence, Americans are suffering, some could say.

We will have to see if those stranded Americans will be given any assistance by the U.S. Government or if the Biden Administration will be too busy dealing with Afghan refugees. This will potentially cause Biden’s approval rating to continue to sink.

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