Trump Supporter and Republican Bob Dole Passes Away at 98 Years Old

War hero and former Republican U.S. Senator from Kansas Bob Dole has passed away. Despite many older Republicans who hated former President Donald Trump, Bob Dole stood by him.

Dole ran for president in 1996 against Bill Clinton and lost. Many Americans probably regretted putting the Clintons in the limelight after that though.

Dole’s family said he died in his sleep Sunday morning. We assume it was peaceful and painless. He had been recently diagnosed with lung cancer.

Dole was loyal to the Republican party even when the Republican party wasn’t loyal to him and Trump.

He will be remembered as a legend. Former President Trump gave Bob Dole a Congressional medal of honor three years ago as well. We hope rabid left-wing radicals don’t rejoice in his death as is so often the case lately when a Republican dies.

From Yahoo News in part:

Robert Joseph Dole was born on July 22, 1923, in Russell, Kansas — Dust Bowl country — and grew up during the Great Depression. His family moved into the basement of their home and rented out the rest of it to make ends meet, while Dole had a paper route and a job behind the soda counter at a drugstore. He was a standout athlete who was recruited to Kansas University by the legendary basketball coach Phog Allen. He was on the basketball, football and track teams and planning to go to medical school until his time in Lawrence was cut short by the war.

We reported on Dole a few times in recent years: