Chris Cuomo Now Facing New Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Former CNN show host Chris Cuomo has been hit with new sexual misconduct allegations following his suspension and then termination from CNN.

“Late last night we reported: Chris Cuomo was fired 3 days after CNN heard an accusation of sexual misconduct from a former jr colleague at another network. *Both* Cuomo brothers were unseated in the wake of #metoo allegations from younger coworkers.”

This comes as we previously reported, “CNN’s Chris Cuomo has been officially fired. CNN themselves had to begrudgingly report on their own sad story, which just broke this hour. Brian Stelter, who reportedly wants to take over the Cuomo hour of antics, reported the story. CNN put out an official statement as well:

‘Chris Cuomo was suspended earlier this week pending further evaluation of new information that came to light about his involvement with his brother’s defense. We retained a respected law firm to conduct the review, and have terminated him, effective immediately.’

Chris allegedly used his job at CNN to help his brother Andrew, the former Governor of New York. This came while he was and continues to try to fend off sexual harassment allegations. The former Governor has already been charged with at least one sex crime.

Like his brother Andrew, Chris Cuomo is out of his job and he has now been hit with a new allegation of sexual misconduct.  Debra S. Katz, who is representing the newest accuser against Chris Cuomo said her client came forward with these new allegations because she was “disgusted by Chris Cuomo’s on-air statements in response to the allegations made against his brother, Gov. Andrew Cuomo”.

A spokesman for Chris Cuomo, Steven Goldberg, said, “These apparently anonymous allegations are not true. If the goal in making these false and unvetted accusations was to see Mr. Cuomo punished by CNN, that may explain his unwarranted termination.”

As you can see, Cuomo is denying the allegations just as his brother Andrew did initially. It seems in just one week, Cuomo’s reputation and career have been destroyed.

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