Tucker Carlson Blasts ‘Ruling Class’ in South Africa Riots Segment: ‘Links Between This Country & South Africa are Deep & Profound’

Tucker Carlson blasted the “ruling class” in the United States as he attributed them to aiding the current South African government as chaos has sprung out across the country.

“The links between this country & South Africa are deep & profound, particularly politically. Our Ruling Class did a lot to empower the current government of South Africa. There may be lessons for the world in what’s happening there.”

You can see the chaos that has taken place in South Africa below as pure anarchy has ruled the streets.

“JUST IN – Armed citizens fire on rioters in Durban, South Africa.”

“NEW – Armed citizens in Verulam (KZN) take it to the streets as the police are incapable of protecting lives or property from violent rioters in parts of South Africa.”

“JUST IN – Every single store in the Jabulani Mall near Johannesburg has been looted. Reports and videos of riots at more malls in parts of South Africa.”

“JUST IN – Umzinto Prison on fire, prisoners are seen on top of the roof as the chaos fueled by pro-ex-president Zuma supporters continues to spread across parts of South Africa.”

Tucker said, “One of the lessons is when chaos strikes, you’re on your own.” It seems he is hinting back to last summer when violence, looting, and rioting broke out when Black Lives Matter and Antifa took to the streets.

Small Business owners and everyday citizens were left out to dry to by the ruling class, the police, and left-wing Governors who wouldn’t protect them from the rioters. Now, South Africa is experiencing some of the same events we did as Tucker noted we seem to have much more in common with South Africa than we may think.

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