Wendy Rogers and Arizona Senate Pass Bill Declaring Gun Stores Essential, Will Go to Governor’s Desk for Signature

Freshman State Senator Wendy Rogers (R-AZ) and the majority of the Arizona State Senate Republicans passed Senate Bill 1382 which says firearms/ammunition manufacturers and businesses are essential and can’t be liable. Rogers described the bill.

“Just voted for my bill, SB1382, which declares firearms/ammunition manufacturers and businesses to be essential and also protects them from liability. The bill passed the Arizona Senate 16-14. Thank you to my colleagues in the House and Senate for getting this done!”

With a party-line vote, this bill narrowly passes with the help of Pro-Trump Republican Wendy Rogers. This bill was passed by the Arizona House and was sent to the Senate to be voted on.

Now, the Senate was able to pass it and it will now be sent to Republican Governor Ducey’s desk for signature. This will certainly be a test for the Governor to see where his position is on such an important issue among Republicans.

Some have labeled the Governor a “RINO” in the past for his criticism of former President Donald Trump and his belief in voter fraud never occurring in the state.

What makes this bill seemingly different from the numerous other bills the Arizona State Senate has passed before is this one is now one step away from becoming law once/if the Governor decides to sign this legislation into law, or not veto it.

More and more people are purchasing guns and ammunition in polarizing times like these. This bill seems to aim to protect these businesses and manufacturers.

All eyes are now on Governor Ducey for his signature.

Stay tuned to Media Right News for more updates on this legislation.

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