Tucker Carlson Makes Seven Figure Advertising Deal with Anti Woke Company

CNBC reported the news that Tucker Carlson and Public Square have made a seven-figure deal for advertising with “Tucker on Twitter”.

Collin Rugg tweeted his thoughts about the deal:

“JUST IN: Tucker Carlson has agreed to a seven-figure deal with conservative shopping app Public Square for his new show on Twitter according to CNBC. You know what this means… a meltdown from Fox News is imminent. The news of the advertising deal is great considering it confirms that Tucker Carlson is serious about growing his show on his own. Last week, the former Fox News host launched an interview with @Cobratate which currently has over 90M impressions and over 400k likes. Tucker clearly doesn’t need Fox but Fox clearly needs Tucker”

This news comes just days before the company is set to go public on the New York Stock Exchange.

“We’re excited to be going public in partnership with $CLBR so that we can be a company by the people, for the people, and owned by ‘We the People’. Onward and upward”

The app aims to provide Americans with options to shop at companies that are not ESG-driven. Donald Trump Jr. is one of the app’s financial backers.

The company is set to merge with Colombier Acquisition Corp (CLBR) with the intent of going public.

CEO Michael Seifert and CLBR CEO Omeed Malik sat down last week to share what the company is all about. The app is mostly full of small businesses to meet the needs of those who want to shop “anti-woke” businesses.

Below are videos from IPO Edge that show the highlights from Public Square’s fireside chat.

This move helps solidify Carlson’s freedom from corporate media. It also sounds like the Trump family is beginning to align more and more with Mr. Carlson as the Ron DeSantis campaign embarrasses everyone who supported it. We will see what comes next for Carlson.

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