Tucker Carlson Praises Dana White For Refusing to ‘Sell Out’ America Like Every Other Sports Commissioner

In a preview of his interview with UFC commissioner Dana White, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson praised him for refusing to “sell out” America like every other sports commissioner.

Carlson shared the preview in a tweet and pointed out, “Every other sports commissioner finds a way to sell out America but not Dana White.”

“He explains how he built the UFC into one of the fastest growing sports worldwide, his relationship with Donald Trump and how he refused to let COVID stop him,” Carlson reported.

In the clip, White insisted, “When people tune into sports, it’s an escape for them, and especially during that time, every single channel on TV, all you heard about was COVID and riots and this and that.”

“When you tune into a sporting event, you want it to be taken away from all that and that’s where I think a lot of these leagues are really missing…” White explained.

White recently revealed that he had previously been told by a mortality expert that he had “10.4 years to live.”

“This was 16 weeks ago, and he said, ‘If you don’t change these things that you do, this is your life expectancy right now,'” White reported.

White said that the expert recommended some serious dietary changes which he has followed “to the letter.”

“I lost 30lb. My legs were so f*cked up 13 weeks ago, I couldn’t tie my shoes. I couldn’t bend over to my shoes my legs were f*cked up,” White lamented.

White added, “I could barely walk some days… No more sleep apnea. I don’t snore anymore. Everything f*cking gone in 10 weeks.”

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