Tucker Potentially Vindicated as Journalists Appear to Attempt Negative Narrative Related to Russian Communications

Axios reported that in the midst of Tucker Carlson’s claims that the National Security Administration (NSA) was spying on him, Carlson had been in communications with Kremlin intermediaries located in the U.S.

Axios reported that Carlson initiated discussions with the Kremlin intermediaries since he was trying to plan an interview with Vladimir Putin. This kind of interview should not warrant the NSA to spy on Carlson in the view of many. As an Axios journalist, Jonathan Swan noted, “Journalists routinely reach out to world leaders — including the leaders of countries that are not allied with the U.S. — to request interviews.” In 2018, Chris Wallace of Fox News interviewed Putin and no reports of the NSA spying on Wallace have come to light. Put simply, it seems that Tucker Carlson, a journalist, wanted to interview Vladimir Putin, so Carlson reached out to representatives of the Russian government that are based in the U.S. and whose sole purpose is to serve as an intermediary between U.S. media and government officials and Russian leaders.

CNN journalist Oliver Darcy shockingly defending the alleged NSA monitoring of Carlson over his communications with Russian intermediaries. For Darcy, it seems that Carlson’s journalistic interests are too extreme and must warrant monitoring of personal communications by a government agency.

Tim Swain, U.S. senate candidate in South Carolina, recognized the shocking justification by Leftists which support the alleged NSA’s actions. Swain said, “First it was ‘Tucker is spreading a conspiracy that the NSA is spying on him!’ Then it was ‘Tucker is not the target, they just incidentally read his emails.’ Now it is ‘Tucker was trying to interview Putin so it is actually good that the NSA was spying on him. He deserved it!'”

The author of the Axios report, Jonathan Swan, claims that “sources familiar with the conversations” held between the Russian intermediaries and Carlson leaked this information to Axios. Interestingly enough, on Wednesday, Tucker Carlson told Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business that the only individual with knowledge of his communication with the intermediaries was his executive producer, Justin Wells. Carlson said that not even his wife knew of his communications. Carlson also alleged that the NSA had leaked his private communications to opposing journalists.

Americans nationwide are now questioning if there could be any reasonable justification for the NSA to monitor Carlson’s emails. Political commentator, Andrew Surabian said, “What could the “national security” justification even possibly be for unmasking Tucker Carlson (a journalist) for trying to set up an interview w/ a world leader? No area of govt. deserves to see their power/authority reduced more than our out-of-control Intelligence Community.”

Numerous other Leftists, like Oliver Darcy, are supporting NSA monitoring of anyone who communicates with Russia. Julia Davis of the Daily Beast said, “I’ve been telling you guys for quite some time about how pleased the Russians are with Tucker Carlson. I guess none of it was coincidental.”

CNN analyst Asha Rangappa also rushed to defend the NSA, saying, “PSA: If you are in communication with a foreign intelligence or terrorist target abroad who is under gov surveillance, your communications will be captured. If those comms include foreign intel or evidence of a crime, they will be retained and likely disseminated. Tx.”

Stay tuned to Media Right News for any updates on the U.S. Government and journalism. We will have to see if and how Carlson responds on his show tonight as well.