Two More Golfers Shake Things up Leaving PGA Tour, Set to Join LIV Golf Series at First U.S. Event in Portland Oregon

On Wednesday, it was announced that two more golfers were leaving the PGA tour in order to play in LIV Golf’s new series. Bryson DeChambeau and Patrick Reed are the pair who are leaving the PGA, and both had played in the PGA Masters in April this year. Both champions, DeChambeau was the 2020 U.S. Open champion and Reed was the 2018 Masters winner.

These moves seem to be shaking things up in the world of golf. Dustin Johnson and Phil Mickelson also announced earlier they were going to participate in the LIV Golf Series.

While Johnson and Mickelson are playing in today’s inaugural event in London, DeChambeau and Reed signed on to play at the first U.S. Event outside Portland, Oregon at Pumpkin Ridge.

The LIV Golf Series has been labeled as controversial, as not much new happens in the world of golf. However, this new organization backed by the Saudis is expected to bring changes to the game of golf.

DeChambeau’s agent had this to say about his move to LIV Golf, “Bryson has always been an innovator. Having the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of something unique has always been intriguing to him. Professional golf as we know it is changing and it’s happening quickly.”

Former President Trump will host two of the events at a couple of his golf courses. The third event in the series will be held a Trump’s Bedminster in New Jersey. The final event in the series will be held in Florida at the Doral in Miami.

Trump shared his thoughts about LIV Golf on Truth Social truthing, “Take the money and run (or stay!). The PGA of “America” and the PGA Tour have been taking advantage of the players for many years (not much different than charging the fans $19 for a beer), and the players are not happy. The “PGA” has maximum Tax Exempt Status, makes a fortune, and pays executives salaries higher than virtually any of the very talented players can make in a good year.”

“LIV can change that! Backed by Saudi Arabia (just like Formula One, UFC, Boxing, Tennis & almost all of sports, unlimited amounts of money will be available for the players, charity and likewise for PGA will, because of this new competition, be forced to “pay up,” maybe even having to reduce their very bloated salaries. It was only because of competition that the Players Championship paid a record this year – great going Cam! Professional Golfers should embrace LIV and just watch what happens – Much more of everything for all!”

This is not surprising coming from Trump, as the PGA canceled their contract in 2021 for the PGA Championship to be played at the Bedminster this year. Golf legend Jack Nicklaus had this to say about the move by the PGA, “Donald Trump may be a lot of things, but he loves golf and he loves this country. He’s a student of the game and a formidable figure in the game. What he does in the future of golf will depend on what the cancel culture will allow him to do.”

The first event in the series kicked off this morning and can be watched on YouTube or Facebook. Below is the live stream from YouTube.