Disgraced former Police Chief Hand Selected by Leftist Boise, ID Mayor and who Reportedly Cracked another Officer’s Neck Seeks New Employment with Toledo, OH PD

Former Boise Police Chief Ryan Lee is one of the applicants for Toledo’s Open Police Chief position. Lee came from Portland, Oregon prior to moving to the Boise department.

Lee resigned at the request of Boise Mayor Lauren McClean in September of 2022. This transpired after a story broke about complaints made against the police chief. The story followed an investigation into an incident where Lee injured a fellow officer in a “demonstration”.

The investigation conducted by Clearwater County Prosecutor’s Office determined did not recommend charges against Lee but stated it was a “close call”.

During a morning briefing in October of 2021, Lee was discussing a change in policy regarding Lateral Vascular Neck Restraint that the department had recently stopped using.

While he was going over alternative techniques that could be used to restrain and control someone, Sgt. Rush came up to the front of the room and was then part of Lee’s demonstration. There are different accounts of if Rush volunteered or was called upon.

He demonstrated two maneuvers, one called the “clinch” and a second move called the “faith healer,” which was not used within the department.

Lee had said, “he was being mindful while demonstrating this move to ensure it’s not painful or uncomfortable while tilting his head back.”

Rush, however, recounted the event for the ISP and shared, “Chief Lee grabbed the back of his neck and forced him toward the ground and dragged him around like a dog. It was humiliating for him to be led around like that in front of his peers, and it felt ridiculous… he is then either struck or pulled back in the forehead and forced down toward the ground. The chief was behind him and grabbed or struck his forehead, and he didn’t see it coming and had no idea what was happening. His neck hyperextended backwards, and his neck cracked.”

Lee added that he believed he was chosen for the humiliating demonstration because he had challenged Lee on the Boise K9 unit which Rush oversees.

McLean told KTVB that after complaints were made public she determined to ask Lee to resign, as she believed he wouldn’t be able to lead the police department successfully with those private personnel issues became public. Radical leftist McLean had handpicked Lee.

Lee is one of 28 people who have applied for the job according to search firm Ralph Andersen & Associates, which was hired to identify and evaluate candidates.

Toledo Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz shared that he would like a new police chief in place by March. He also said that the city is looking at 14 or 15 candidates as some who have applied do not meet the experience or education requirements.


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