VIDEO: BLM Rioters Ruin Milwaukee Cancer Charity Christmas Light Fundraiser, Appear to be Breaking Covid Guidelines

A tweet from Dan O’Donnell, host of the radio show The Dan O’Donnell Show shows a video of Black Lives Matter on Candy Cane Lane in Milwaukee WI. The protesters are chanting “Black Children matter, Black Lives Matter, All Lives Can’t matter until Black Lives Matter.”

The three part tweet from O’Donnell reads, “Black Lives Matter goons are currently at Candy Cane Lane in the Milwaukee area and are terrorizing people who have come to look at the lights in a child cancer fundraiser. Yes, Black Lives Matter goons are actually terrorizing a child cancer fundraiser It’s okay, the Black Lives Matter goons plan to make a donation to child cancer to make up for the money the charity will lose tonight. Just kidding! They’re terrible people. Also, none of them appear to be following COVID protocols. @GovEvers, didn’t you just tell us to cancel their Christmas plans because they could spread COVID? You going to denounce this super-spreader or nah?”

Dan calls out Wisconson Governor Tony Evers, who canceled this year’s WI state Christmas tree, citing the closure of the building, to see if he will denounce the BLM protest as it appears they were not following COVID protocols.

Back Lives Matter continues to disrupt despite the results of the 2020 election reportedly going in their favor. They demand more ‘equity’ not equality, which Harris had put in her campaign messaging while running for Vice President. There seems to be no end to their disruptions.

Candy Cane Lane is an Event with a history that goes back to 1984 according to their website, “a wonderful group of neighbors living in West Allis, Wisconsin, joined together to collect donations for the MACC Fund – Midwest Athletes Against Childhood Cancer, Inc., in honor of a neighbor’s child diagnosed with cancer. The neighbors worked in concert in decorating their homes and encouraged visitors to make a small donation as they drove through the festively enhanced neighborhood.”