Washington State Legislator Hints At Possible 2020 Election Audit with Election Integrity Public Hearing Announcement

State Representative Robert Sutherland (R) announced the scheduling of public hearings concerning election integrity issues in Washington state today. In a Facebook post, Sutherland encouraged all voters that have contacted him or others with integrity issues to “be prepared to testify publicly, under oath, in front of cameras.”

This announcement comes less than two weeks after Sutherland toured the forensic audit site of the 2020 election ballots in Phoenix, Arizona. Speaking on the election system following his visit, Sutherland said, “Do I think our election system can be improved? Yes. By how much? I don’t know.”

Sutherland has faced heat from other Washington lawmakers who are pushing back against an audit. The Washington Secretary of State Kim Wyman has vocally criticized the Arizona audit, alleging that Republicans are trying to force Cyber Ninjas, the private company running the audit, to give them the outcome they want to see, no matter what the audit results truly are. Wyman slammed Arizona, saying, “Whoever is in charge of the legislature can decide that if they don’t like an outcome they can make something up! That is a scary road to go down.”

Wyman amounted the audit to nothing more than “political theater”: “I can’t get to calling this an audit, or even a recount, because you’re not doing it with any kind of established ground rules or policies or procedures. It’s an exercise at best. It’s political theater at worst.”

This backlash did not stop Sutherland from traveling to Arizona. Sutherland said he traveled to Arizona and his travel costs were paid for “on my own dime”. Sutherland claims that he had been barraged with phone calls from concerned constituents over election integrity and the possibility of illegal votes occurring. He insists this was the motivation behind his trip: “If I felt it was just an absolute waste of time, I wouldn’t have gone…the issues don’t seem to be going away.” Accompanying Sutherland on his visit was another Washington State Representative, Jesse Young (R).

State Senator Wendy Rogers (R-AZ) praised Sutherland’s Facebook post on Twitter, and called for other states to consider an audit: “Washington State getting it done!!! Let’s go other states!”.

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