Wendy Rogers Calls for Arizona Electors to be Recalled Following Maricopa County Auditors Testimonies

America First Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers (R) called for the Arizona electors to be recalled for Joe Biden after calling them “fraudulent”.

“I have heard enough. With the tens of thousands of ballots mailed without being requested, the over ten thousand people who voted after registering after November 3rd, the failure of Maricopa to turn over the 40% machines, the passwords that Dominion still refuses to turn over, & tens of thousands of unauthorized queries demonstrating how insecure the election was, I call for the Biden electors to be recalled to Arizona & a new election must be conducted. Arizona’s electors must not be awarded fraudulently & we need to get this right.”

After being one of the first Republicans to call for an audit of Maricopa County, Arizona, Rogers has led the way during the audit. Now that the forensic audit has concluded, Rogers believes the 11 Biden electors should be recalled.

While listing off pieces of what many believe to be evidence of voter fraud in the state, she called for there to be a new election conducted. However, it is undetermined whether she means just in Arizona or in all of the country.

Rogers also called for the election to be decertified after the conclusion of testimony from the Maricopa County auditors come out in the hearing today.



This comes as more Republicans have begun to take up the suspicion that voter fraud occurred in the 2020 election as Tucker Carlson had an entire segment on it last night. Carlson was one the biggest skeptics of voter fraud occurring, but after viewing what he see’s as evidence of voter fraud occurring in Fulton County, Georgia, he has had a change in opinion.

“TUCKER: “It now appears there actually was meaningful voter fraud in Fulton County, Georgia last November. That is not a conspiracy theory. It’s true.”

With Rogers seeming to have plenty of influence over the Arizona State Senate, we will have to see what comes next when forensic auditors release their findings.

If nothing else as Amy Kremer put it, “We are learning how to fortify an election today…compliments of Maricopa County.”

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