Whoops: Joe Biden Takes Blame for Knocking Over Kid’s ‘Covid Cubicle’ at Virginia School

Joe Biden and his wife Dr. Jill Biden, toured a Virginia elementary school Monday, in which he went into one of the classrooms with younger students to talk to them and the teacher.

“President Biden: “You guys are impressive.” @POTUS and @FLOTUS visit an elementary school in Virginia”

In the clip above, Biden jokingly asked if they were in 9th grade because of how smart they are. He then began to walk back to the teacher and began asking her about her job.

Seconds after talking to her a “Covid Cubicle”, a clear piece of plexiglass that separates children from each other in an effort to protect against spreading COVID-19, fell to the ground.

The teacher and Dr. Jill pick it up and put it back on the young boy’s desk. When it fell, President Biden announced, “That’s probably my fault, I walked by it.” Although it is unclear whether he did in fact knock it down, he could have potentially shifted it and seconds later it slips off the edge of the desk.

Jill Biden asked if the child was ok and inquires if he was scared, to which Joe replied, “He doesn’t look like he gets scared.”

Biden once again demonstrated his clumsiness as it is most likely he who knocked down the clear plastic “shield”. Although there was no verbal gaff in this visit, he definitely made things awkward for the other students.

The teacher acknowledged how the Covid shield has been a very challenging thing this school year as many agree it is a tedious thing to have on the desks.

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