473 Pursuits Since July 15th, Texas Department of Public Saftey Releases Videos of Trooper in Pursuit of Human Smuggler in Del Rio

There have been 473 pursuits of illegal immigrants since the start of Operation Lone Star on July 15th as the Texas Department of Public Safety released footage of troopers pursuing human smugglers.

“NEW: Wild dash cam footage from Texas DPS shows a trooper in a recent pursuit of a human smuggler here in Del Rio. The smuggler bails, and at least a dozen illegal immigrants spill out and flee. Trooper focused on driver & caught him. Some of the passengers got away.”

“Another Texas DPS pursuit of a human smuggler & bailout here in Del Rio last week. The driver and all of the illegal immigrants who ran were caught. Texas DPS tells me their troopers have been involved in 473 pursuits since the start of Operation Lone Star as of 7/15.”

As you can see in the footage, it is chaos at the southern border with no rule of law. Many illegal immigrants are having no problem sneaking into this country as there is not enough support at the border.

Texas has been trying to crack down on human smuggling through Operation Lone Star but clearly, they need additional resources. With an incomplete wall at the southern border, it appears it is much harder to stop this massive flow of migrants in the country.

The Biden Administration has been asleep at the wheel some could say as he has refused to do much in regards to his border crisis. Due to this neglect, Texas and the rest of the country are suffering the effects of mass migration both legal and illegal.

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