Vikings Offensive Line Coach Out after Choosing Not to Get COVID-19 Vaccine, Loses Six-Figure Job

The National Football League’s Minnesota Vikings offensive line/run game coach Rick Dennison was allegedly fired after refusing to take the Covid-19 vaccine.

“Breaking: Rick Dennison is out as Vikings offensive line coach/run game coordinator after refusing the COVID-19 vaccine. MIN will promote assistant OL coach Phil Rauscher to replace Dennison, hired Auburn special teams analyst Ben Steele as an assistant.”

This may have a negative impact on the Vikings as according to some, Dennison was important to the Viking’s run game. Sports radio host Jeff Mans said that he was crucial for Vikings star running back Dalvin Cook.

“This is a BIG loss for the #Vikings. Those who don’t know who Rick Dennison is or his importance to Dalvin Cook are in trouble.”

Some may see it refreshing that Dennison stood firm on his values as he knew that it would cost him his job. However, he is now out of his six-figure job and will have to find work somewhere else that doesn’t require you to take the vaccine.

“Rick Dennison, a coach since 1995, knew the rules: Vaccination was required, or he wouldn’t be able to coach players on the field or in meeting rooms. His refusal ends up costing him a six-figure job”

This comes as we previously reported, “Detriot Lions Defensive Lineman Nicholas Williams hit back at the National Football League (NFL) after the NFL threatened forfeit for teams with a Covid-19 outbreak among unvaccinated players.

It appears Williams is asking clarification as to whether a team will have to forfeit its game if a vaccinated player causes the outbreak. Some unvaccinated players may be worried they will face punishment because some vaccinated players could cause an outbreak in their eyes.

The National Football League has also threatened players with a loss of a game check if an outbreak among unvaccinated players causes an unresolvable disruption. This has now forced teams to fire coaches who refuse to take the covid-19 vaccine as an outbreak could prove to be costly during the season.

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