Adam Schiff Panics Over GOP Senators Objecting to Biden Win, Says They Also Wrongfully Found Trump Innocent on Impeachment

Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff (CA), who President Trump often refers to as “Pencil Neck Schiff,” has said the Republican senators planning to object to the 2020 presidential election results aren’t “principled” in a recent tweet. He also attacked the GOP Senators for refusing to convict the president last January when he was facing impeachment.

Schiff’s tweet reads, “Last year, we proved Donald Trump guilty of abusing the power of his office. But Republican Senators refused to convict, claiming on principle, voters should decide. Now, those same Senators wish to overturn the election results. They have no principle, only fear and ambition.”

As you can see, Schiff is frustrated with the twelve GOP Senators who are expected to object to the results on January 6th that show Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 presidential race. This comes as US Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) was the first GOP Senator to announce he will object to the results earlier this week on Twitter with, “Millions of voters concerned about election integrity deserve to be heard. I will object on January 6 on their behalf.”

Schiff cited that the twelve GOP Senators refused to convict the president of obstructing justice and abuse of power on Feb. 5, 2020, when the GOP-led Senate acquitted the president on both charges. Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT), who is known to have an anti-Trump bias, was the only Republican Senator to vote for conviction on one count.

Democrats do seem to be scared that at least twelve GOP Senators and 140 House Republicans plan to object to the certification of the election results next week. There could also be more GOP Congressman to object as it appears a line will be drawn within the GOP, depending on who votes to object and who votes to certify the results.

Democrats often mention the impeachment to try and delegitimize the president and are now scrutinizing anyone who believes there was election fraud this year.

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