Alito Opinion Hints Red Flag Laws May Violate 4th Amendment and Could be Brought Up in Future SCOTUS Rulings

Supreme Court Justice and conservative Samuel Alito hinted that Red Flag laws may possibly be not allowed and potentially brought to the Supreme Court for a ruling.

This comes as today we reported the conservative-led Supreme Court ruled unanimously in a 9-0 ruling with all justices agreeing with the Rhode Island man who sued after his guns were confiscated by law enforcement with no warrant because his wife was worried he was going to hurt himself.

This was an example of how “Red Flag Laws” where people who show “Red Flags” to those they are around are stripped of their guns as they are seen as a danger with a firearm to themselves and others, although that specific instance wasn’t legal.

Alito hinted at a possible challenge to Red Flag Laws as he said, “Provisions of red flag laws may be challenged under the Fourth Amendment, and those cases may come before us. Our decision today does not address those issues.”

Though the conservative Supreme Court would have to rule them unconstitutional thus nullifying them, some could argue, including Alito, that “Red Flag Laws” are unconstitutional as they could go against the fourth amendment which prohibits the seizures of any items with probable cause.

Some could argue someone reporting a gun owner for showing “Red Flags” is not probable cause as it is their word against his with no evidence.

Republicans like RINO Dan Crenshaw support these extreme measures like Red Flag Laws, which he rightfully got criticized for supporting.

We will have to see if any case like this makes it to the court that could null the Crenshaw Supported Red Flag Laws.

Stay tuned to Media Right News for more updates.

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