Americans Outraged at Huge Foreign Aid Expenditures in Latest Bill with $600 Covid Relief Checks

Congress is set to pass a bipartisan COVID-19 relief package that includes $600 dollars in direct payments to Americans. but also foreign aid to other countries. Many on the right have expressed outrage and frustration with this “relief” package.

In this bill. Sudan is set to get $700 million, Israel $500 million, Burma $135 million, Cambodia $85.5 million, Nepal $130 million, and 1.4 billion for the “Asia Reassurance Initiative Act”. This is just some of what is tucked into this relief bill.

Many went to Twitter to attack the bill and foreign aid.

As you can see there is lots of rightful anger at Congress for putting in billions of dollars of foreign aid to other countries when the bill is supposed to help Americans who are struggling to survive. Congress says they don’t have enough money for $1200 dollar checks to each American but have enough to send money to other countries when Americans are suffering.

We can only hope the president sees the perceived garbage in this bill and vetoes it as we must put American workers and families first, not countries that are 1000s of miles away from us. While Americans suffer and the government refuses to send out a $1,200 dollar check to each American, they have time to sneak wasteful foreign aid to corrupt governments.

There should be no money to other countries when Americans are starving and out of work.

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