AOC’s Aunt Doesn’t Blame Trump for Aid Problems in Puerto Rico, ‘It’s a problem here’

Democrat Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Abuela’s home went viral on Twitter after the massive damage seen after natural disasters ripped the area. However, AOC’s Aunt doesn’t blame former President Donald Trump for the aid problem to Puerto Rico.

“Just over a week ago, my abuela fell ill. I went to Puerto Rico to see her- my 1st time in a year+ bc of COVID. This is her home. Hurricane María relief hasn’t arrived. Trump blocked relief $ for PR. People are being forced to flee ancestral homes, & developers are taking them.”

As we previously reported, “On Wednesday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez announced on Twitter that her grandmother was ill. She explained how she flew to Puerto Rico to visit her for the first time in 12 months. AOC saw that her home had some interior damage due to Hurricane Maria and accused the Trump administration of not doing enough to provide relief for Puerto Ricans like her grandmother.

Other right-wingers like, Lavern Spicer, Republican Congressionwoman candidate in FL-24, pointed out what they believe is hypocrisy in AOC’s talking points. Spicer replied, “Honey, you drive a Tesla and have two apartments. If your grandmother is living poor that’s because you don’t help her out. I’m surprised that a socialist wouldn’t redistribute that wealth to their grandma. Sad!”

Clearly, Walsh is attempting to troll AOC and her situation. He is mocking her and seems to believe that her situation isn’t bad at all considering that AOC is very well off financially. AOC has yet to release any statement answering if she will accept the money. The GoFundMe had a goal of $48,990 but has raised a whopping $58,507 in only 4 hours.

Now AOC’s aunt says it wasn’t Trump’s fault for the lack of aid saying, “It’s a problem here in Puerto Rico with the administration and the distribution of help. It is not a problem with Washington. We had the assistance and it didn’t get to the people.” As you can see she never mentioned Trump.

Yet, AOC claimed Trump blocked money from going to her family meanwhile those who live in Puerto Rico don’t blame the former president. Most would say actual Puerto Rico residents know what’s going on more than a Congresswoman from New York.

Once again, AOC is making a fool out of herself by claiming something and then having her own family member contradict her. It is clear that many people in Puerto Rico don’t blame Trump for the aid not getting to the people.

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