Beto Sees Writing on Wall, Pretends to Care About Immigration to Trick Moderate Texans into Voting for Him

After announcing his bid for Governor, Beto O’Rourke interviewed with a CBS affiliate KTVT-TV. During the interview, Beto slams Biden’s handling of the southern border.

The reporter asks Beto, “Do you hold President Biden responsible for the situation at the border right now?” Beto responded, “It’s clear President Biden could be doing a better job at the border. It is not enough of a priority for his administration, and there’s so much more that he could be doing.”

Beto continued, “Whether that is marshaling the countries of the western hemisphere to meet any historical challenges in migration asylum seekers and refugees. Whether it is making sure that local communities have the resources to meet some of the challenges that they face, like those in Del Rio and otherwise, and then also using the power of his office to move this country forward on immigration reform. Immigration reform that listens to the people of Texas, Republicans, and Democrats alike.”

We gotta have predictability, order, and the rule of law. That means honoring our asylum laws when someone has a credible asylum complaint. But Jack that also means, This is not popular amongst all democrats, but it means that when someone comes here and doesn’t have credible asylum claim and has entered in between ports of entry, they should be deported back to the country from which they came. We’ve got to follow the law and then we’ve got to improve the laws that are on the books, by holding members of Congress accountable, So I wanna be sure that we ask and expect more of everyone who is in a position of leadership right now that can do something about this”

Biden has been facing much criticism, from those within his own party as of late over. Most of the criticism has been over inflation, with Senator Schumer calling on Biden to dip into Oil reserves to relieve pain at the pump.

The southern border has been out of control since Biden stepped into office. His administration doesn’t seem to be interested in doing anything productive about it. Instead, the messaging coming from the administration has been about payment to people who broke the law came into the country illegally, and were separated because of this.

Beto is a radical leftist, he still believes those who enter America illegally, not going through ports of entry, should still have a chance to claim asylum. In our opinion, Beto is trying to sound like he is taking a tough stance on immigration in an attempt to gain the support of moderates and independents. Though he may claim to not be for open borders, his stance on border security is weak.

Clearly, Biden’s approval ratings are in the toilet, with the elections of 2021 shifting to the right Democrats are changing their game plan and rhetoric.

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