Biden Gets Furious Over Disrupters Honking Horns and Yelling at His Rally

Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden has made another insult towards Trump supporters at his speech today. While Joe Biden was giving a speech in Minnesota, Trump supporters began to honk an airhorn which was followed by multiple cars honking their horns. 

Biden called the people with the airhorns, “ugly folks.” 

This comes as Biden has also called Trump supporters “suckers” and now “ugly folks”.

Below is the full clip of the airhorns and the honking. 

This seems to be another “Deplorable” moment as Biden has repeatedly insulted those who support the President and protest at his rallies. 

When Biden stops reading off his teleprompter that is when he begins to create gaffes or say something insulting. 

Team Trump on Twitter seized the opportunity and immediately posted it on their Twitter account. 

Calling Trump supporters “deplorable” in 2016 seemed to hurt Hilary and will most likely hurt Biden, if not at least energize and fire up Trump’s base.

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