Biden Unhinged: ‘I Possess My Rights Because I was Born and I Gave Up Some of My Rights Inna Constitution’

In a speech given at the University of Connecticut, Joe Biden had what many would consider a “gaff” as he talked about how he got and gave up some of his rights.

“President Biden on human rights: ‘You think I have my rights because the constitution granted them to me. I posses [sic] my rights because I was born.'”

Clearly most would agree that we possess our rights because of God or from the constitution however Biden seems to believe he receives his rights from birth. Towards the end of his sentence, he says he “gave up” some of his rights “Inna constitution” which some may find it hard to decipher what he is actually saying once again.

Biden also said, “We have fewer Democracy’s in the world today than we did 15 years ago. Fewer! Not more! Fewer! Cannot be sustained.” Once again Biden seems to be caring about global interests before American interests.

This comes as people continue to question Biden’s cognitive state as many have claimed he has dementia or is simply unfit to serve as commander in chief. As his poll numbers continue to drop, Democrats in the progressive wing of the party have begun turning on him after seeing his ineffectiveness.

Meanwhile, Republicans have a good chance of reclaiming the Congress in the 2022 midterms and the White House in 2024 as Biden has failed to pass through his agenda with a Democrat Congress. While supply chain issues and inflation rise, it appears he has trouble forming a coherent sentence or even simply reading clearly from a teleprompter.

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