Candace Owens Promotes ‘Freedom Phone’ to Push Back Against Big Tech in Viral Livestream

Conservative Icon Candace Owens promoted the “Freedom Phone” to push back against Big Tech after their censorship against conservatives.

“I just did a live on Instagram taking everyone through the new FREEDOM PHONE which is now trending! So excited that I partnered with a SOLUTION against Apple and Google.”

Owens said, “After January 6th, when Apple and Google took the extraordinary effort to get rid of Parler, the app that is competing with Twitter, straight from its store because they can’t control it, and they basically said we can just tell you that you can’t get this app, which is crazy.”

Candace went on to say that big tech doesn’t want conservatives conversing on social media spaces unless they have control over them. Owens added they are still suing the Facebook “fact-checkers”.

This comes as she previously called for a new phone so big tech can’t control it. Now the “Freedom Phone” was made which is not controlled by Apple or Google.

This call comes after the app store removed the famous social media app “Parler” which was a refuge for those who were sick of the censorship on Twitter. However, sites like Gab have sprung up which have been able to stay up for its users. Parler has since returned but it hasn’t performed well and many users may not return.

Time will tell how much success this new phone has but there is certainly a demand for creative communication ideas, although competing with big tech may not be easy at all.

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