CNN Anchor Demands King Charles III Join BLM Movement and Immediately Support and Immediately Support ‘Reparations’ and ‘Justice’

With a new head of state taking the throne in England, the talking heads are taking the opportunity to shape the narrative of what needs to happen.

Queen Elizabeth II died on September 8th and her son Charles stepped into the role of King.

Friday, CNN’s chief international anchor Christiane Amanpour joined in with many others calling for the new king to address the UK’s “colonial legacy”. Amanpour described that “different demographics” were listening to the King’s first address for different reasons.

“I really do believe that we have to have this conversation right now, even at this moment,” she commented when Charles remarked about British colonialism.

Amanpour paraphrased the king’s remarks about his mother, “And look, in the 70 years of her being on the throne, many cultures and faiths have flourished in these past seven decades.”

She then jumped to the costly riots and protests that took place all over the world with Black Lives Matter stating, “particularly in the wake of Black Lives Matter and particularly in the protests that erupted all over the world after what happened in Minnesota, here as well, in France and other parts of these nations that had colonial servants, let’s face it.”

She then dove into the colonial history of the great British empire, “People were in service to this empire. The wealth of this empire was derived on the back of the people of their empire.”

“What we’re saying is that there is the generation of multicultural and diverse Britons who want this answered, who want to see their monarch finally talk about what it means and, you know, potentially the idea of reparations, definitely justice, right? Justice,” she said. She warned that, in her opinion, the king needed to address modern cultural issues with new policies, sounding much like the extreme left of the United States

She then went after Prince William, “who’s the heir and the next king, he talked about it, having been criticized for a trip he made in the Caribbean… again, colonial legacy, that we must have this discussion, and it must be up to those countries. But it also has to be had in this country [England] as well.”

Amanpour wants to see the King of England call for “justice” and “reparations” for those she feels were wronged by the British Empire. She is not alone as many others are watching the new King take over and demanding he does something for “justice”.

John Bolton shared his thoughts on the new King and even brought up the abolition of the Monarchy.

“King Charles III and the monarchy itself will face scrutiny to see if he matches the expectations, accumulating for decades, about the sovereign’s behavior. Early missteps will complicate his reign & may lead to a full debate over abolishing the monarchy.”

Broadcaster Lionel Barber rebuked Bolton’s assessment on Twitter.

“Contrary to (some) American pundits, the British monarchy is not one step away from abolition, not morally culpable or vulnerable to colonial reparation claims, and not about to give up on the Union, as subtly shown by King Charles III in Scotland today !”

It seems there is a wide variety of opinions on what should happen with the monarchy. Charles had stated before becoming King that he would become less political when taking over the throne and for some, this may be a disappointment. It seems the calls for justice and an end to the monarchy won’t be silenced any time soon.

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