David Perdue Plans to Run Again for U.S. Senate in GA After Doing the Bare Minimum to Support Trump in 2020

Former Senator David Perdue (R-GA) filed FEC paperwork this Monday afternoon to begin his Senate run for 2022. Perdue was a supporter of Donald Trump’s during the 2020 election inasmuch as he showed up to rallies and said he would not certify Joe Biden in the Senate.

Many felt that Governor Brian Kemp, Perdue, and Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger didn’t do enough to address voter fraud allegations in Georgia though, and that may have been why Perdue lost a few weeks ago in part. Brendan Keefe tweeted:

#BREAKING: David Perdue just filed to run against Senator Raphael Warnock. Perdue’s old seat now held by Senator Jon Ossoff isn’t up for election again for nearly 6 years. Sen. Warnock’s seat is up for re-election in November of next year.”

Just last month, Perdue narrowly lost his re-election run in the Georgia Senate runoff to Senator John Ossoff. Since Ossoff’s seat isn’t up for election for 6 years, Perdue plans on fighting for the seat held by freshman Senator Raphael Warnock, Fox News reports. They also said in part:

Perdue has not formally announced his candidacy for 2022, but the filing of paperwork on Monday is a key step in that direction, a source familiar told Fox News, saying the former senator will be making a final decision in the weeks ahead. 

The source told Fox News that Perdue is leaning toward running. 

Surely, Warnock will prove to be a formidable opponent for Perdue. Warnock won his own Senate runoff against Senator Kelly Loeffler, taking the retired Republican Johnny Isakson’s seat. The race was not nearly as close as the Ossoff-Perdue runoff, with Warnock beating Loeffler by

A Perdue win in 2022 would be huge for Republicans since the Democrats and Republicans are split evenly in the Senate, but many have complained that Perdue isn’t strong enough to get the extra support from America First Conservatives that have demanded “better” from the GOP in the recent history.