Donald Trump Gives Wendy Rogers a Shout Out in Statement Issued After AZ Senate Hearing on Forensic Audit

Former President Donald Trump released a new statement concerning the Maricopa audit hearing in Arizona on Thursday. Trump gave a nod towards State Senator Wendy Rogers who has been crucial in encouraging the Arizona audit and attempting to prevent DOJ “interference”.

The former president said “Arizona Senate hearings on the Maricopa County Election audit is devastating news to the Radical Left Democrats and the Biden Administration. While this, according to the Senate, is preliminary, with results being announced at a later date, it seems that 74,243 Mail-In Ballots were counted with ‘no clear record of them being sent.’ There were 18,000 voters who were scrubbed from the voter rolls after the election. They also revealed that the voting system was breached or hacked (by who?) Very big printer and ballot problems with different paper used, etc., and MUCH MORE.”

Update 3:30 ET 7/16/2021: it has come to our attention that former President Trump’s post below is being “fact-checked” when directly posted to some social media outlets. We are simply reporting on the press release and not necessarily claiming everything said in the below release is or isn’t true.

Towards the end of his statement, Trump praised Rogers’ leadership and encouraged the idea that the election should be decertified: “The highly respected State Senator Wendy Rogers said in a tweet the hearing today means we must decertify the election. In any event, the Senate patriots are moving forward with final results to be announced in the not-too-distant future, but based on today’s hearing, why even wait?”

During the Arizona State Senate hearing, the audit team announced that 74,000 more mail-in ballots were received and included in Maricopa County during the 2020 election than what they can verify were sent out. they also alleged that they discovered 74,243 mail-in ballots with no clear record of who sent them. Also, many ballots allegedly were not printed on the correct paper stock and did not have the proper printing alignment. Following this hearing, a fiery State Senator Rogers began calling for a recall of the Biden electors and a new election.

Read more on Rogers’ opinion on the election below:

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