Doug Mastriano Lays Down the Law, Unveils New Monument Legislation Plan to Protect Gettysburg

Pennsylvania Republican State Senator Doug Mastriano has unveiled a bill which he has co-sponsored with Republican State Senator Judy Ward. This bill protects monuments from vandalism and destruction and is currently before the Judiciary Committee. 

Mastriano, who has been a Trump ally in these last weeks said, “In America, citizens have the right to peacefully advocate for their beliefs. But, in no society should the routine desecration of historic monuments, memorials, markers, and statues become acceptable,” Senator Mastriano said. “With this legislation, Pennsylvanians are standing up to the masked cowards who, often under the cover of darkness, seek to erase our history and impose their beliefs on the majority.”

Below is the link to the bill on the Senator’s website. 

This bill will withhold funding that refuses to enforce laws regarding the vandalism or discretion of monuments, require the state Attorney General to prosecute cases of monument vandalism when the DA’s refuse to, and increase for vandalizing monuments. 

He is right, there has been an attack on our monuments, especially ones in which honor confederate generals and soldiers as many have been pulled down or grafted. Charlottesville was partly about defending Robert E. Lee’s statue from being removed. 

It is good to see both Senators defending our sacred history and monuments as that is who we are as a people whether it is good or bad. We will have to see if this bill is passed by the Judiciary Committee and then voted on by the rest of the State Senate. 

Many people, especially in the south, feel as though their heritage and ancestors are being disrespected by removing statues of people who fought for the Confederacy. 

The Senate just passed a Senate package that renames military bases that are named after Confederate Generals, but the president is expected to veto the bill that most Republican Senators did vote to pass, sadly. 

It makes you wonder, why should Trump supporters help the establishment GOP keep the Senate if they won’t fight for Trump and just betray their constituents by erasing their history? 

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