Feds Take $90,000 From Man With Ties to BLM Who Sold Capital Riot Footage

U.S. authorities have seized about $90,000 from John Sullivan, who has ties with BLM and who made $90,000 selling footage of the January 6th, Capital riot to media outlets like CNN and NBC.

“John Sullivan, an Antifa/BLM activist, charged with 8 criminal counts and has $90,000 seized that he received from CNN/NBC News for 1/6 footage.”

National File Reported on the Utah man, “As National File previously reported, John Sullivan, the founder of Utah-based Insurgence USA, which considers itself part of the Black Lives Matter coalition, claims he only entered the U.S. Capitol to “document” the goings on, saying, “I wanted to be able to tell a part of history.”

President Trump was impeached yesterday because he allegedly incited the protests. Thus far, there is infinitely more evidence that the Black Lives Matter-supporting member of Insurgence USA instigated whatever violence may have transpired.”

Sullivan seemed to only be there to stir up problems and make Trump supporters look bad and then film it to make money as he was caught saying,  “My footage is worth like a million of dollars, millions of dollars,” and “Dude, this s— is gonna go viral,” after watching Trump supporter Ashli Babbitt get shot and killed by the Capital police.

The 26-year-old used his footage from January 6th to then make money off it by selling it. It is important to note he is not a Trump supporter and has ties to Black Lives Matter.

He has been charged with eight criminal counts and has now lost the $90,000 dollars he made from recording what took place on January 6th. Even though he had no media credentials he claimed that he was a journalist who was covering the event.

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