Leftists Speculate About a Possible Buttigieg/Harris Race if Biden Continues to Run the Party into the Ground

It’s unclear if the DNC will back Joe Biden for a 2024 re-election run. His poll numbers are a disaster. But Vice President Kamala Harris’s are even worse. Clearly, the Democrat party is in panic mode. This rings especially true after Glenn Youngkin won the Virginia Governor’s race. In fact, Republicans also won the house back, and the Lieutenant Governorship and Attorney General’s seat as well.

Former President Donald Trump, who is favored to be the GOP’s 2024 nominee should he choose to do so, predicted a Youngkin win if his base were to turn out. After Youngkin won, Trump credited himself in part, for that win. Some moderates in the GOP may try to shun such credit, but Trump is taking it nonetheless.

Meanwhile, in a damage control mode, the Democrat party tried to find a silver lining in Youngkin’s win by saying that since Youngkin somewhat distanced himself from Trump, it signals Trump’s waning influence in Republican politics. The only thing that will hurt Trump in our view, is if he gets too caught up in identity politics such as cozying up to the “Log Cabin Republicans” which we see as a net negative for Trump.

Nonetheless, Trump has always been a social moderate and a fiscal conservative to some degree, but also to a degree he has signaled that he has a nationalistic side that also isn’t afraid to stand up to the anti-White left. There are indeed, many sides to Trump, and he will be speculated about for years to come, long after he is gone, as someone who upended the entire political scene in the United States.

The Democrat party doesn’t want to lose in 2024 to ANY Republican, but let’s face it, they see the writing on the wall after the Virginia elections.

What they really truly fear is TRUMP winning in 2024. Sean Sullivan posted a Washington Post story hidden behind a paywall, but the caption was enough to tell the story of a DNC in full panic mode, that simply reads:

“NEW: Dems broadly see Harris/Buttigieg as the future of the party beyond Pres. Biden. They also see their pol. fortunes diverging in the first 10 mos of Biden’s presidency. A party anxious about its future sharpens its scrutiny. W/@CleveWootson:”

Are the Democrats moving on from Biden already? Or are they hedging their bets? Time will tell as things continue to unfold in the political world over the next one to two years. Stay tuned and pop your popcorn…

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