McConnell Demands Biden ‘Not Outsource’ Breyer’s Replacement to the ‘Radical Left’ in Statement

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) demanded that Biden pick a more moderate Supreme Court Justice following the news of Justice Breyer retiring.

McConnell praised the liberal justice writing, “Justice Breyer commands respect and affection across the legal world, including from those who disagree with his judicial philosophy and conclusions in cases.”

“Mitch McConnell warns Biden not to ‘outsource’ Stephen Breyer replacement to ‘radical left'”

In the statement, McConnell released, he wrote, “Looking ahead — the American people elected a Senate that is evenly split at 50-50. To the degree that President Biden received a mandate, it was to govern from the middle, steward our institutions, and unite America.”

He concluded, “The President must not outsource this important decision to the radical left. The American people deserve a nominee with demonstrated reverence for the written text of our laws and our Constitution.”

Although Breyer is known to be a liberal justice, McConnell seemed to paint the 83-year-old as a moderate, “Justice Breyer’s commitment to the importance of a nonpartisan, non-politicized judiciary has been especially admirable. Even in the face of undue criticism from the modern political left, Justice Breyer has remained a principled voice against destructive proposals such as partisan court-packing that would shatter public trust in the rule of law.”

Justice Breyer consistently voted with the liberal justices and has been on the opposite side of the issue almost all the time with conservatives. While Breyer could have certainly been more radical, he was no centrist.

McConnell now has a history of blocking Democrat Supreme Court justice picks as he did in 2016 to Merrick Garland, then-President Obama’s pick. Some have called on him to do everything he can to prevent Biden from getting this pick passed through but with a Democrat majority (although slim), the Democrats may squeak one by. We will have to see how far-left Biden’s black and female pick is.

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