MTG Calls Vaccine Passport Corporate Communism While Biden Regime Pushes for New State Mask Mandates

Freshman Georgia GOP Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene took to Twitter following reports that the Biden Administration won’t have vaccine passports but instead partner with private companies to create systems that people can use to show proof they were vaccinated.

The report said, “BREAKING REPORT: White House Claims Biden’s administration is not creating COVID-19 vaccine passports, but rather.. officials are working with private companies to set guidelines for the systems, which people can use to show proof they’ve been vaccinated,”.

Following that Rep. Greene called this corporate communism saying, “This is called Corporate Communism. The private companies that do not mandate vaccine passports will have more customers and money than they can comprehend. The Corporate Communists will be committing HIPPA violations and will have more lawsuits than they can comprehend.”

Rep. Greene also fired off multiple tweets related to the issue.

“They are actually talking about people’s ability to buy and sell linked to the vaccine passport. They might as well call it Biden’s Mark of the Beast.”

“What is this? “To provide for vaccine information to third parties under certain public health conditions.” Who are the third parties? Does this pave the way for #VaccinePassports destroying people’s HIPAA rights?”

As we previously reported, “After much speculation of the Biden Administration mandating vaccine passports to do certain activities, the Washington Post reported Sunday that the Biden Administration is currently in the progress of creating COVID-19 vaccine passports.

The Washington Post reported, “The Biden administration and private companies are working to develop a standard way of handling credentials — often referred to as “vaccine passports” — that would allow Americans to prove they have been vaccinated against the novel coronavirus as businesses try to reopen.“.

The Biden administration teaming up with private companies in order to create a system that will track who has and hasn’t taken the vaccine is a slippery slope. It could prevent those who have opted out of the vaccine from going to stores or places freely.

Having the government being able to track that and then teaming up with other powerful corporations does sound like corporate communism to some and is a threat to freedom. This could push more distrust and hesitation into taking the COVID-19 vaccine.

This also comes as Biden is still calling for states to have mask mandates saying, “I am reiterating my call for every Governor, Mayor, and local leader to reinstate the mask mandate.” Breaking 911 reported on this.

“NEW: Pres. Biden calls on governors, mayors and local leaders to reinstate mask mandates “I need the American people to do their part as well. Mask up. Mask up. It’s a patriotic duty.”

This also comes as Texas recently ended their statewide mask mandate and has reportedly seen their cases drop since that time.

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