Tucker Carlson Says America Has Enough People, Leaves Other Fox News Hosts Appearing Speechless

Tucker Carlson proclaimed on Fox News that America is full in a recent clip, and he mentioned how America has enough people, which left the co-hosts of “The Five” apparently speechless as he actually said what many are afraid to say. America is full. Below is the clip in which Tucker Carlson sounded off Monday.

“Tucker Carlson says what many are thinking but are afraid to say: “In a democracy, demographics equals political power… There are massive environmental effects of overcrowding … What about the people who already live here? It seems like we have enough people in the country.”

Many Republicans have been scared to acknowledge the fact that America can’t withstand any more people and that both illegal and legal immigration must end as we are experienced a cultural and financial crisis because of the strain in our view. This has nothing to do with the people from other countries but instead, it is about protecting the interests of American’s first.

“In a Democracy demographics equals political power. So if you change the Demographics of the country. If you bring in a lot more people without the consent of the govern you dilute the political power of the people who live here. That is a really meaningful thing.”

Tucker also claimed that 30 years ago there were 100 fewer million people living here and that California had 10 million fewer people. He said that California was a less crowded state with fewer people, therefore it was a much better state to live in than now.

He went on, “There are massive environmental effects of overcrowding. Nature actually bears the burden of that at a certain point, the natural landscape does, and all of us who live here do. So at what point do we say it is not about whether these are deserving people, I think they are mostly probably are and all nice people no one is debating that.”

He concluded, “But what about the people who are already living here? It seems like we have enough people in the country. Why is nobody saying that? I think I will start saying that because I think that is true.”

This left the other hosts speechless as Tucker Carlson practically said what everyone was thinking but no one else had the bravery to say it. It’s hard to tell if they were truly speechless for an extended period of time or if they were just dumbfounded temporarily, as the clip abruptly ends, but their facial expressions tell the story for sure.

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