Patriot John Rich Leads Roaring Audience in God Bless America at Hurricane Ian Fundraiser in Florida

Country Legend from Big & Rich and Donald Trump’s Apprentice winner John Rich has been very active lately. Not only in the world of hit singles and politics, but also fundraising for hurricane victims.

Rich was recently in Florida raising big bucks and leading a huge crowd in a patriotic song.

“Leading a massive crowd in singing #GodBlessAmerica in Florida! Raised over a million dollars for victims of Hurricane Ian. Incredible night!”

The “Boots on the Sand” concert featured Lynyrd Skynyrd, Gavin DeGraw, RaeLynn, John Rich, Ted Nugent, Tracy Lawrence, Brian Kelley, Ira Dean, and Jim Bruer. Many of these names have been known to have conservative viewpoints, although not necessarily all of them.

Rich has also been in the news lately for supporting James Woods. Woods was furious when he found out that he was censored on Twitter as a result of political activism, as opposed to actual breaking of Twitter’s rules.

Woods is seriously considering a lawsuit and John Rich as well as Larry Elder among others have said they’ll help the cause in one form or another.

Rich has been making the rounds speaking to “Prager U”, Tucker Carlson and others about his stance on freedom. Unlike some other flaky Apprentice alumni such as Geraldo Rivera and “Omarosa”, Rich has largely been supportive of former President Donald Trump as well. Trump has announced he will once again be running for president in 2024.

Trump recently made a controversial statement on Truth Social demanding a new election after the #TwitterFiles news. Many are outraged, however, it’s hard to eclipse the other outrage about recent controversies surrounding “Ye” (formerly Kanye West) as well as a nonstop barrage of Elon Musk/Twitter news.

Despite Rich’s loyalty, he’s largely managed to avoid major controversy himself, although he’s voiced his views about how it’s harder to be a conservative celebrity, for sure.

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