President Trump Makes his Move, Files Motion to Intervene in Texas SCOTUS Suit Against Four Key Swing States

It was announced today that President Donald J. Trump has filed a motion to intervene on his own behalf in the recent lawsuit brought forth by Texas, and currently, 17 other states, (now 18 as AZ just joined in) against Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia, and Michigan after allegations of widespread election fraud surfaced due to the countless irregularities in the election process and procedures in several swing states.
The motion reads:

A noteworthy section of the motion is mentioned on pages 12 and 13.

After listing off multiple examples of procedural anomalies and general mismanagement of the election process by these states, the motion reads, “It is not necessary for the Plaintiff in Intervention to prove that fraud occurred, however; it is only necessary to demonstrate that the elections in the defendant States materially deviated from the “manner” of choosing electors established by their respective state Legislatures.”

This is important to note as many pundits, conservative and liberal alike, have said that the Trump campaign is short on hard evidence proving election fraud, which many believe is untrue, but it’s a claim that’s been levied. The case being made here is that even if they do not have the proof to satisfy the courts, which they claim they do and list in droves in this motion, the only thing legally they have to prove is that the standard election and ballot-counting process was deviated from so drastically that it lent itself to election fraud, which to some appears to be the case.

Leaving ballot boxes in empty parking lots is not standard operating procedure when ballot counting in a free and fair election.
Trump’s motion is the latest development in Texas’ lawsuit against the four swing states and is a clear indicator that this battle is far from over and that Trump has no intention of backing down as if that comes as any surprise.

The motion lays out so many examples of irregularities that one must find it hard to believe that the Supreme Court could honestly analyze all of them and determine that this election was completely fair and free, and did not deviate from any standard procedures.  The conservative majority holds the advantage in the Supreme Court, and it looks like the battle is headed there.