Radical Leftist PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro Echoes Hillary Clinton’s Reckless Call to Abolish the Electoral College

Democratic Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro went after the electoral college calling it a “broken system” on MSNBC. He also mentioned replacing the electoral college with the national popular vote. Below is the tweet from MSNBC.

This comes as failed presidential candidate Hilary Clinton also called for abolishing the electoral college and replacing it with the national popular vote. However, she was an elector for New York this year which some could see as hypocritical.

Shapiro said, “We can no longer allow a system where the will of the people is ever questioned again.” He is referring to the president contesting the election results and pleading there was voter fraud.

Shapiro called the Texas lawsuit a “junk lawsuit” saying, “the spinelessness demonstrated by those 120 some odd members of congress and the 18 Attorney Generals that signed on to that ridiculous junk lawsuit coming from Texas that really would ended our representative Democracy had it gone forward.”

Since Donald Trump’s victory in 2016 Democrats have called for the electoral college to be disbanded and only after the president won the electoral college and lost the popular vote. The Democrats do usually win the popular vote coming from places like California and New York as they are more populated in the big cities than the Republicans who are spread across the country in mainly rural areas.

It doesn’t look like there will be enough support to disband the electoral college as most find it a radical position. If it were to be replaced, middle America would once again be forgotten and the coastal elites would have priority.

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