Rivian Owner Claims With Video that Walmart Employee Dented His Car With Shopping Carts, Wants the Corporation to Pay Up

A Rivian owner shared a video from the Rivian’s “Gear Guard” feature which records video when the owner is away. A Walmart employee who was gathering up shopping carts in the parking lot lost control of them, hitting the truck with the wild carts. The video can be seen below.

The video then shows that the car is almost hit a second time, however, this time the employee was able to barely divert the carts. The “Gear Guard” activates when someone is less than a foot away from the vehicle.

The video is captioned, “Walmart employee slams 20 carts into side of my Rivian. Caught on Gear Guard camera. Very noticeable damage… Get that checkbook ready Walmart.” It appears that the owner of the Rivian intends to get Walmart to pay for the damages to the truck.

The Rivian R1T starts at $67,500, the company calls the vehicle “the first electric adventure vehicle”.

It is unclear if the employee was being negligent or if something happened where the carts got away from them. The video shows the carts ran into the vehicle and damaged the vehicle. From the video, it appears that no attempt was made to contact the owner about the damage the employee caused with the shopping carts.

It is unknown if the employee was reprimanded for the damage they caused. We recently reported on a Walmart employee who was fired and rehired on the same day. She decided to share this turn of events on TikTok. According to that video, it is likely that if the employee is fired they will easily reattain their job.

We reported, “A Tiktok video by a woman who goes by Ameliya and uses the handle @ameliya_0 that went viral basically appears to mock Walmart and their employee rules system. It seems the video, recorded in a Walmart parking lot shows the TikTokers dancing in her employee uniform, “dabbing” on her own bosses if you will, and seemingly having a blast.”

“Although we all loathe overcrowded Walmarts with not enough checkout lines open, which this situation brings to mind for me personally, you can’t help but laugh at this story anyway.”

“POV: you got fired from Walmart then you applied back and they rehired you.”

A caption in the video also says: “they will literally hire anyone”. That isn’t exactly a testament for the worker herself or something she might want to put on a future resume. However, it’s still good for a laugh if nothing else:

@ameliya_0 they will literally hire anyone??. #fyp #walmart #viralvideo #trending #AmazonVirtualTryOn #MakeASplash ♬ original sound – 12345

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