Robert De Niro Appears to Threaten Trump Supporters on The View, Says They Should Be Afraid

American actor and producer Robert De Niro said today that Trump supporters should be afraid when Trump’s not around. The actor was on “The View” this morning and was blasting Trump for his behavior and him not conceding. Below is part of the segment from this morning. 

De Niro called the President a “bully” and a “sham” for the way he conducts himself. De Niro is not the first person to threaten Trump supporters. Many on the left have threatened Trump supporters and some suggesting they need to be put into “camps”. 

As we previously reported, AOC said we need to hold Trump “sycophants” accountable for their “complicity”. 

While Joe Biden seems to be calling for “healing” and “unity” some in his Party are continuously threatening supporters of the President with acts of violence or what could be inferred as violent.

It is hard to remember the last time someone prominent on the Right has threatened someone on the left because of their support for a President or a candidate, but on the left, it is almost normalized that if someone is on the Right it is ok to threaten them with violence because to them, the end justifies the means.