Tim Allen Invokes Richard Pryor’s Timeless Wisdom as He Responds to Angry Leftist Mob Over Biden Criticism

Legendary comedian Tim Allen today responded to the angry leftist mob by sharing a quote from another legendary comedian, Richard Pryor.

As we previously reported, Allen cracked a joke in a tweet at Joe Biden’s expense following Biden’s interview on CBS’ “60 Minutes.”

The tweet from Allen went mega-viral with over 135,000 likes as of the publication of this article, along with 20,000 replies and retweets each.

Leftists accounted for many of the replies, as many were extremely triggered and unleashed their worst possible criticisms of him.

Allen explained in a tweet today, “I started my 35 year stand up career because of genius’s like the man who said: ‘I never met anybody who said when they were a kid, I wanna grow up to be a critic.’ – Richard Pryor.”

It seems clear that Allen won’t let the vitriol from various liberals bother him and there were also many replies to his Biden tweet that offered support.

RedState contributor “Bonchie” responded, “So much seething at a simple joke.”

Former GOP House Congressional candidate Aliscia Andrews told Allen, “You will forever be my favorite comedian. You’re the best” along with a rolling on the floor laughing emoji.

One right-wing Twitter user offered their own joke as well and said, “They asked boxers or briefs? He said Depends.”

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