Swamp Rat Andy McCabe Drops Lawsuit Challenging Termination by Trump DOJ and Gets Back Pay and Retirement Back

Former FBI Director Andrew McCabe has dropped a lawsuit against the Department of Justice following his 2018 termination from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

“McCabe drops his lawsuit against DOJ challenging his 2018 termination by Jeff Sessions amid pressure from Trump. Unclear if there’s been a settlement or some other development. Ostensible reason for termination was IG finding that McCabe lied about a leak to Wall Street Journal. But McCabe sued claiming it was driven by Trump for political/retaliatory reasons.”

As we previously reported in 2019, “Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe last year was referred to the U.S. Attorney for criminal charges by the Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz. McCabe’s lawyers had made an appeal to avoid prosecution.

Today, United States Attorney for the District of Columbia Jessie K. Liu has recommended moving forward with charges for fired Deputy FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe after he allegedly lied under oath multiple times to federal investigators.

Currently, McCabe is a CNN Contributor, but it looks as though he will be facing charges for his alleged lies, which could cause a conflict of interest there.

Now, McCabe seems to be standing down to Biden’s Department of Justice which may make some curious as to why he did. Some may speculate that since there is a Democrat president then he doesn’t want to sue them since that is the political party he now aligns with. Though that may not be the real reason.

“Fired FBI deputy Andrew McCabe wins retirement benefits and back pay in a settlement”

It appears that the Biden Administration made a deal with Andrew McCabe as he has now gotten his retirement and back pay returned. This comes after he was fired by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions in March of 2018 after being pressured to do so by former President Donald Trump.

McCabe said on the settlement, “I think the message that you get loud and clear from the terms of the settlement is that this never should have happened. It feels like complete vindication, because that’s what it is.”

McCabe has had a long history of not having a favorable view of the former president as he said more than two years ago after being fired, “It sends a message that if you stand up for what you think is right, and you do the right thing, and you honor your obligations to this organization and the Constitution, that you too could be personally targeted and lose those things that you’ve been building towards your whole career.”

Following his dismissal from the FBI, he joined CNN as a contributor which solidified to many his stance in the political realm. The Biden Administration seems to be making back-end deals with “swamp rats”.

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