Ted Cruz Excoriates Squirming AG Garland Who Refuses to Answer if His Son-in-Law Profits from CRT

Texas Republican U.S. Senator Ted Cruz blasted Attorney General Merrick Garland as he refused to answer if his son profits from Critical Race Theory.

#BREAKING: Sen. @TedCruz asks AG Merrick Garland if he sought an ethics opinion relating to his son-in-law’s company prior to issuing memo on school boards.”

Senator Cruz asked Attorney General Garland, “Your son-in-law, makes a very substantial sum of money from a company involved in the teaching of Critical Race Theory. Did you seek and receive a decision from an Ethics advisor from the Department of Justice before you carried out an action that would have a predictable financial benefit to your son-in-law?”

AG Garland then dodged the question from Cruz which led Cruz to continue to ask if he received an ethics opinion. Cruz began to get furious and asked, “General are you refusing to answer if you sought an ethics opinion? So you are saying no? Just answer it directly, you know how to answer a question directly. Did you receive an ethics opinion?”

Some may find it odd how the Attorney General refused to answer whether he sought an ethics opinion and didn’t go into detail about how his son reportedly profits from the teaching of Critical Race Theory. Since his son does profit from it, some may conclude it would push AG Garland to promote it being taught in schools more and thus benefit his son-in-law financially.

We will have to see if Garland ever does answer if he sought an ethics opinion. Either way, there seems to be little transparency coming from the Department of Justice led by Attorney General Garland.

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