Texas Special Election District Shows 16% Shift to the Right Following Big GOP Win, Never Trump Candidate Fails

The 6th Congressional District of Texas had a special election following the passing of the late Congressman Ronald Wright (R) who passed in February with cancer and COVID. Wright had won the seat by 9% in the 2020 election defeating Democratic opponent.

Saturday night, the special election took place with 23 different candidates running for the seat. Republican Susan Wright who was endorsed by former President Donald Trump and widow to the late Ronald Wright who previously held the seat, received the most votes among all 23 candidates grabbing just under 20% of the special election vote.

Trump issued a statement on the special election, which can be seen below, congratulating Mrs. Wright. “Congratulations to Susan Wright on her great surge yesterday which made her NUMBER ONE and assured her participation in the runoff against another Republican. The Democrats have just conceded the race. Susan surged after I gave her an endorsement last week. Her wonderful husband is looking down, and is very proud of her!”

State Rep. Jake Ellzey (R), who had run unsuccessfully in the district before came in second followed by Democrat Jana Lynne Sanchez who finished narrowly behind Ellzey.

A GOP election expert on Twitter pointed out the amazing trend in the district. Republicans got 61.9% of the vote totals among different candidates while Democrats got just 36.8% of the vote total among their candidates.

“Trump won this district by just 3%, Republicans outperformed him by 22% tonight, and Ron Wright’s 2020 performance by 16%. A very impressive showing, bucking most experts’ expectations for the race.”

One of the more notable things is the Trump-endorsed GOP candidate came in first and anti-Trump Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-MI) endorsed candidate who is also never-Trumper came in 9th only getting about 3% of the vote.

“Never Trump candidate Michael Wood gets 3% in TX special election. Trump-endorsed candidate came in #1”

The Republicans shut out the Democrats, as the two candidates who made it to the runoff are both Republicans, they came in the top two for vote totals.

This means no matter what the GOP will retain the seat and Pro-Trump candidate Susan Wright is expected to edge out Jake Ellzey as she has the Trump endorsement.

We will have to see how the runoff election goes and if this trend to the right will help the GOP across the state of Texas. One thing is for sure, this is Donald Trump’s party, not RINO Adam Kinzinger’s party.

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