WATCH: Seattle Police Lay Down the Law, Tackle and Arrest Multiple Antifa Thugs and Rioters

May first also known as May Day, historically a holiday some throughout the world used to celebrate spring, marking the halfway point between the spring equinox and the summer solstice. However, on May first, 2021 many groups used May Day to protest and riot in different cities including Seattle and Portland.

The Seattle Police Department made multiple arrests yesterday and earlier this morning. Many of the arrests were caught on video including what appears to be arrests of members of the domestic terrorist organization known as Antifa.

According to Andy Ngo, the video in the below tweet was, “Police rushed in to arrest BLM-antifa rioters after a child was assaulted by them. An #antifa flag can be seen in the crowd. Videographer @KatieDaviscourt was brazenly assaulted by a protester for filming”

The Seattle Police Department announced on Twitter that they were making arrests on 7 and Olive. In the video below you can hear the police announcing, “We respect you’re right to free speech and peacefully assemble as guaranteed by the first amendment and article 145 of the Washington state constitution. What we as is that members in your group do not commit crimes.”

Capitol Hill Seattle reported, “Saturday, a anti-capitalist and anti-cop group dressed in “black bloc” [Antifa] marched on Broadway and became embroiled with law enforcement just before 2 PM after a large contingent of police responded and moved on the crowd outside the E Olive Way Starbucks following reports of property damage.

Police reported two arrests. CHS confirmed that at least two employees of Glo’s across the street from the scene were taken into custody during the chaos. A picture from a resident near the scene showed E Olive Way filled with police as people were being taken into custody and a crowd including Glo’s employees looked on. It’s not clear if the employees were the two people SPD said had been detained or if there were additional arrests.”

The police continued to follow the group as well as continuing to make more arrests as they moved away from that spot moving down Denny street heading to Cal Anderson Park. According to Seattle PD, the “crowd has thrown flares, bottles, eggs, paint, and a bag of unidentified liquid at officers.”

At one point the Antifa march came crossed paths with another protest that was taking place in the same area of Capitol Hill and police continued to make arrests the video below shows officers getting off of their bicycles to control the crowd asking them to “move back to the sidewalk and stay on the sidewalk.”

As of 7PM PST it was reported that 14 people had been arrested:

A 35-year-old for obstruction at Summit Ave and E Olive Way.
A 37-year-old for property destruction in the Summit Ave and E Olive Way.
A 25-year-old for obstruction in the Summit Ave and E Olive Way.
A 22-year-old for assault, obstruction and resisting arrest in the Summit Ave and E Olive Way.
A 26-year-old for pedestrian interference at 7th Ave and Olive St.
A 36-year-old for assault at 4th Ave and Bell St.
An 18-year-old for malicious mischief at Broadway and E. Howell St.
A 28-year-old for reckless driving at Harvard Ave and Pine St.
A 23-year-old for property destruction at Denny Way and E. Howell St.
A not-yet-identified individual, for assault and resisting arrest at 11th Ave and Olive St.
A 35-year-old for assault at Cal Anderson Park.
A 26-year-old for obstruction at Cal Anderson Park.
A 25-year-old for obstruction at Cal Anderson Park.
A 25-year-old for obstruction at 11th Ave and Pine St.

Andy Ngo tweeted footage from what appears to be a street surveillance camera tweeting, “At the #antifa May Day riot in Seattle, the militants tried shutting down the road outside the police east precinct (at the heart of the deadly CHAZ occupation). A driver in a white sedan attempts to drive through but one of the Antifa jumps on the car. The driver speeds off.”

The arrests it appears did not stop there as Antifa continued to cause problems into the early hours of today. One Twitter user posted a video of more arrests taking place in the early morning.

Seattle PD appears to be done with Antifa and the riots that continue to plague our country. Seattle Police officers followed the group closely and made arrests as soon as they saw problems, no longer allowing rioters to do as they please. Portland Mayor Tim Wheeler also has done a 180 on his stance on Antifa and rioters as we reported earlier.

Democratic Mayor of Portland, Oregon Ted Wheeler, made a surprising statement in which he reversed his past rhetoric on Antifa and went after the group urging citizens to report them to the police.

“Mayor Wheeler has extended the state of emergency in Portland through noon Monday. He asks members of the public to get license plates of people dressed all in black and report them to the police.”

Finally, a firm stance appears to have been taken when dealing with these domestic terrorists and this may quell their appetite for rioting at least we can hope.

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