Thomas Massie on AIPAC Running Ads Against Him: ‘How is This Not Election Interference from a Foreign Country?’

Kentucky Republican Congressman Thomas Massie (R) has been attacked recently by Jewish organizations and others for opposing funding of Israel’s iron dome.

“Why is @RepThomasMassie our ‘Antisemite of the Week’? – Only R to vote against Iron Defense Dome funding – Only R to vote against labeling BDS as antisemitic – Voted AGAINST Holocaust education – Trivializes Holocaust with vile COVID comparisons”

“The only thing trivialized here is the entire concept of antisemitism by labeling anything you don’t like as antisemitism. If a consistent position opposing foreign aid is antisemitism, then nothing actually is. The entire concept can no longer be taken seriously. Reconsider.”

“How is THIS not foreign interference in our elections?”

The House voted last week 420-9 in funding Israel’s iron dome with Rep. Massie being the only Republican to vote against the funding. 8 Democrats joined him in voting “No” and two voted “present”.

Massie has a long history of being against foreign aid to other countries no matter which one’s. Since funding the iron dome in Israel would also be foreign aid, he is of course against it. However, AIPAC and others have gone after him labeling him “anti-Semitic” for voting against its U.S. funding.

Many on the right have come to his defense except Republican Congressmen.

“Oh my. Regardless of anything else, it’s completely obnoxious and manipulative to suggest that only anti-Semitism could explain opposition to funding Israel’s military. There’s nothing anti-Semitic about saying: let Israel fund their own military, not US taxpayers. There are parts of the right very steadfast about objecting to attempts to convert every political disagreement into accusations of racism, misogyny, etc, yet then do precisely that by weaponizing “anti-Semitism” accusations against their adversaries in the Israel debate.”

Rep. Massie was the only Republican who voted against using the U.S. taxpayer to fund other countries and has been attacked by many for his stance. Republicans should recognize that opposing all foreign aid, including aid to Israel, is not anti-Semitic but rather putting America first.

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