Trump Hater Jimmy Kimmel Comes Clean About Biden’s Low Approval Ratings but Blames Creepy Whispering: ‘Maybe Only With Dr. Jill Around’

We’ve all mostly given up on late-night TV. OK, maybe you haven’t, depending on who’s reading this.

But I can tell you I have. I used to watch Conan O’Brien and Jay Leno on NBC News back before things became so woke. They may have been left-leaning then too, but you really couldn’t tell nearly as much as after Donald Trump came on the scene.

Donald Trump turned all the late-night hosts into insufferable leftist whiny babies. Jimmy Kimmel, who used to be funny on the “Man Show” is now and has been for a while, an insufferable liberal. Sometimes he even cries on live TV when he’s emotional enough about something.

We could dig up examples of Jimmy Kimmel supporting Biden or being anti-Trump but there would be far too many to count and I’ll just be honest, it’s not worth the hassle. Everyone knows how Jimmy Kimmel feels.

Even though he got in trouble for some of his past non-woke performances on TV and in movies, he’s paid homage to the woke left and they are OK with him, for now. But Joe Biden is failing so badly as president, even Democrats like Jimmy are getting nervous, especially since the newest 38% approval ratings came in.

He didn’t mention VP Harris’ even lower 28% approval rating though, as the 28% who still like Kamala might just try to cancel him.

But Jimmy, and his producers perhaps, decided to throw out a warning message to Joe Biden. Stop the creepy whispering.

Perhaps that’s why his approval rating is low he wondered out loud? We know that’s not why. But that’s great if the radical left-wing Hollywood Democrats want to laugh their fears away as the left continues to destroy itself with anti-White rhetoric, general woke-ness, open borders, and reckless economic policies in our view.


Read more about Joe’s 38% approval ratings here:

Read more about radical leftist VP Harris 28% approval ratings here:

In 2019 we reported that Kimmel was fined $395,000 by the FCC for an anti-Trump emergency alert joke in part:

“The idea of letting President Trump send a text message to every American whenever he wants to may sound like a bad idea” Jimmy Kimmel starts off the segment with, and he is referring to the FEMA Presidential cell phone alert. This was initiated under the Trump presidency, in 2018. He then went on to say, “but what do we do here in Hollywood when we have a bad idea? We make a major motion picture out of it”. In this case, it was a skit for Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night comedy show, ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’.

The video was, in fact, a very bad idea, and that’s no joke. Kimmel caused his employer, ABC, to lose $395,000 to a fine by the FCC.

In the video below you can see the skit on YouTube where they mock President Trump as late-night comedy shows have disproportionately done since his election.

Kimmel clearly has a history of making bad decisions for politically emotional reasons. Read more about some of our other coverage of him here. Stay tuned for more critical updates from Media Right News.

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