Trump Taunts Bernie as He Prepares to “Assess” His Campaign After More Primary Losses

Last night the gap between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders widened. Currently, Biden holds 1,165 delegates while Bernie has 879. Three states held their primaries Tuesday while two other states delayed until June.

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In light of the current delegate count and the numerous losses that have built up, Bernie’s campaign manager Faiz Shakir gave a statement Wednesday morning saying “The next primary contest is at least three weeks away. Sen. Sanders is going to be having conversations with supporters to assess his campaign.” The full statement can be seen below in a tweet from CBS reporter Cara Kote:

President Trump’s response to Bernie’s campaign message was released this morning as well on the president’s favorite platform, Twitter. Trump’s response states “The DNC will have gotten their fondest wish and defeated Bernie Sanders, far ahead of schedule. Now they are doing everything possible to be nice to him in order to keep his supporters. Bernie has given up, just like he did last time. He will be dropping out soon! MAGA/KAG”

The jab hits Bernie’s 2016 run, in which he dropped out and endorsed Hillary Clinton just weeks before the DNC Convention. This time however Bernie may be dropping out earlier, one can guess that this could be to bring some sort of “unity” to the Democrat party in their mission to oust Trump. As Bernie’s campaign has said, this is just an assessment and, we will be taking the next few weeks to decide.

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