Wendy Rogers: Bill Moving Forward from State Judiciary Committee Will Increase Penalties on Monument Destroyers in Arizona

Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers (R) just announced on Twitter that a bill to hold leftist (and any-ist) would be vandals against monuments in the great state of Arizona just moved forward from a committee. This bill now advances to a full vote soon. Wendy posted a “fact sheet” detailing information about the bill. This was in response to another Twitter user who had tweeted:

“Really disappointing to see AZ Democrats on the Senate Judiciary vote against penalties for damaging defacing public monuments, memorials or statues” Wendy responded:

“Thankfully we were able to pass HB2552, a bill that increases penalties on monument destroyers, out of the Judiciary Committee.”

The bill will, in part, add defacing, damaging or tampering with a public or private monument, memorial or statue to the list of actions that constitute aggravated criminal damage. Read more below:

Rogers, relatively new the the state legislature in Arizona, has been at the forefront of those pushing action to stop radical left-wing Democrats from moving forward with their insane plans to fundamentally change Arizona. Even though she is only in statewide office (so far), Wendy’s moves against the Democrats are being noticed nationally, and she is making waves, and a real name for herself.

During a time when it’s tough to distinguish many of the so called Republicans from Democrats, Wendy has pushed back against gun control, supported pro-veteran bills, and called out the left for their reckless immigration policies. These policies affect the entire nation, but hit especially hard in Arizona, which is a border state.

Rogers is also a strong advocate for election integrity. She doesn’t just talk and tweet, she puts her money where her mouth is, but proposing bill after bill to move the overton window and hold both parties responsible. Time will tell where this monument bill ends up, but we hope every state takes notice and Republicans grow a backbone.

We recently reported that unlike in some blue states, a liberal professor in Idaho was just held accountable and arrested for defacing a monument to Abraham Lincoln. This professor was apparently affiliated with local Black Lives Matter activists and possibly Antifa as well. It’s amazing that it’s even controversial to stand up to, or that anyone from either party would defend such actions. But many, especially radical Democrats are either afraid to speak out or afraid to support pro-monument bills.

Some other notable moves by Wendy:

Very few politicians are this active and aggressive, but these types of actions are what it will take to ever have a chance at bringing back some semblance of a cohesive nation or states, and all Republicans should be on notice.

Although this anti-monument movement began as only against Confederates, we and any solid Republican like Wendy support all historical monuments, including and not limited to ones in honor of Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson, and anyone else that enshrines the history of our nation. Stay tuned for updates.

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