Arkansas AG Leslie Rutledge Makes her Move, Joins With AL and LA and Others to Support Texas’ Supreme Court Lawsuit

Republican Leslie Rutledge who is the 56th Attorney General for the State of Arkansas has been the third AG to express public support for the motion filed by Texas to the Supreme Court. She released a statement on Twitter concerning the matter. 

She also posted a video showing her support for the motion in which she tweeted out. She tweeted, “After reviewing the motion filed by Texas in the U.S. Supreme Court, I have determined that I will support the motion in all legally appropriate manners. The integrity of our elections is a critical part of our nation and it must be upheld.”

As we previously reported the Attorney Generals in the State of Alabama and Louisiana have expressed support for this motion and the president. She becomes the third AG from the south to show public support for the motion. 

Most of the south is reportedly starting to rally behind the president as Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, South Carolina, and South Dakota have all joined in supporting Texas’ lawsuit against the four swing states of Michigan, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. 

Below is a map of the states.

As you can see the Deep south is rallying behind the President as the legal battle moves forward. 

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